EU Nationals

Spain is a member of the European Union and, thanks to EU labour legislation, all European Union nationals are entitled to work in this country. However, even EU nationals are required to complete some paperwork in order to work legally. For more information on paperwork for EU nationals, follow this link.

Non-EU Nationals

Non-EU nationals should be aware that European and Spanish legislation covering the employment of teachers from outside the European Union  is no less comprehensive than Federal legislation covering the employment of non-Americans in the States, for instance.

This means that in order to hire non-EU nationals, schools that respect the law in Spain have to complete an enormous amount of paperwork, and go through a process that takes many months.


Although the process is subject to change (and you should contact the Spanish Embassy in your country to find out the up-to-date situation), the following is a description of what you might find you have to do:

1. Submit the following documents (and maybe others) to the Subdelegación del Gobierno in the place you want to live:

  • a formal written job offer from the school that wants to hire you
  • the school”s tax documentation
  • a certificate from the unemployment office stating that the post you hope to fill has been advertised at the local unemployment office and that no suitable EU resident has applied.

2. Make an appointment with the Spanish Consulate in your own country to process the documentation required to obtain a Spanish work visa:

  • a formal written job offer from an employer in Spain
  • a certificate of good character from the police
  • a medical certificate from your doctor
  • a certified copy of your university degree
  • seven passport size photos

3. Collect your visa in person in the Spanish Consulate in your home country

4. Finalise paperwork for work/residence in Spain 

If you are a non-EU national you should contact the Spanish Consulate in your home country and confirm what paperwork you currently need to work in Spain as the process varies from country to country and, indeed, is subject to change.

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