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  • Internationally-Recognised TEFL Qualifications

    Accredited by Trinity College London

  • Spainwise Teacher Training & Recruitment

    in the heart of Andalucía

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Spainwise Teacher Training & Recruitment

is an accredited Trinity College London Teacher Training Centre

in Cordoba, the heart of Andalucía

The Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cert TESOL) is an internationally-recognised TEFL qualification

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What Teachers Say

“The chance to meet dozens of potential employers face-to-face and size them up while they did the same to me seemed too good to pass up. A month later, as I mulled three job offers, each in a different province of Spain and each from someone I was sure I would enjoy working with, I knew I´d made the right decisión.

Andy Heath

At the jobs fair, I had a total of seven interviews with schools all over Spain and felt thoroughly satisfied that I had made the most of the fair and achieved what I had hoped to. In the weeks following, there were some schools that I had heard from straight away via email and others that took longer. I was lucky enough to have a number of offers to choose from.

Angela Williams

“I attended the Spainwise Jobs Fair in 2010. I went to many stands and spoke to many employers but in the end I got it down to 3 schools that I liked.  I had interviews and was offered all of the jobs. ”

Heather Martin

“I highly recommend anyone thinking of working in Spain to go to the next Spainwise as it is worth it and it is very well-organized. You’ll need lots of stamina as it can be an intense day but go for it. You won’t regret it one bit.”

Leanne Sanchez

“We took a free bus from Seville to the event and I suddenly realized upon entering that I had found something that was going to offer options, ideas and most importantly for me at the time, opportunities. I attended workshops and managed to cover more ground and make more headway in a few hours than I had in a couple of weeks dragging myself around the city”

Terry Lodge

“Cheap Ryanair flights booked, CV uploaded to the Spainwise website and three weeks later I found myself in Córdoba attending the fair. Best. Decision. EVER”

Ross O’Brien

“The fair was absolutely fantastic. It was great meeting so many different teachers from different backgrounds and having the chance to hear about schools and teaching first hand from directors and teachers alike.”

Annie McDougall

“In the space of a few hours you get the chance to do so many interviews, which, for a newly-qualified teacher like me, was an amazing opportunity.”

Brendan Costello

“The whole atmosphere at Spainwise is hugely welcoming and relaxed but always professional. It was a really positive experience and lo and behold, I got the job I really wanted.”

Rona Mackenzie

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