Trinity CertTESOL Course (Part-Time)

Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Ofqual Level 5)


Trinity Cert TESOL Course


Level 5 (on the British National Qualifications Framework)

Awarded by

Trinity College London


145 GLH (Guided Learning Hours) 200 hours TQT (Total Qualification Time)


9 months (part-time)


Live Video Conferences (including Teaching Practice) + Online Content

Certificate Course Details​

The main course content is delivered and assessed through five units. The work for Units 1, 2, 3 and 5 is marked by your Spainwise course tutors and moderated or sampled and checked by a member of the Trinity moderators panel at the end of every course. The moderator externally assesses the work for Unit 4.

Pre-Course Assignment

In the pre-course assignment, you will be introduced to many of the issues of interest and concern to people taking the course, such as study skills, issues related to understanding learners, teaching methods and techniques, lesson planning, grammar, phonology, metalanguage and issues surrounding classroom management.

Teaching Skills

Assessed through:

  • Tutors’ evaluation of six hours of teaching with real learners
  • A journal including trainees’ own lesson plans, with self- and tutor-evaluation
  • A journal covering trainees’ reflective comments following observation of four hours of ESOL teaching by experienced teachers

Language Awareness

Assessed through:

  • An end-of-course test (grammar, lexis and phonology)
  • Ongoing use of spoken and written English

Learner Profile

Assessed through:

  • The preparation of a simple linguistic profile and needs analysis, including some basic phoneme transcription, of a single learner
  • The planning of, and reflection on, a one-to-one lesson
  • The preparation of recommendations for the learner’s future development

Materials Assignment

Assessed through:

  • Written rationale for the development of one piece of teaching material
  • Written evaluation of use of this in classroom teaching
  • Interview with a Trinity moderator to discuss the above and the ways in which materials development is beneficial to the development of teaching skills

Unknown Language

Assessed through:

  • A journal covering trainees’ reflective comments on four hours’ tuition in an unknown language from the point of view of the beginner, including an analysis of the key aspects of methods and classroom management that affect the learner

Trinity CertTESOL Course at Spainwise Teacher Training Centre (Córdoba, Andalucía)

Kevin (from Ireland) shares his experience of the Spainwise Trinity CertTESOL Course

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