Indicative Content
(Trinity CertPT - YLs & VYLs)

Course Content

The main course content is delivered through ten units. and assessed through four written assignments.

Unit 1: Early Years Education

  • Characteristics of Young Learners and Very Young Learners
  • Principles of Early Years Education and Child Development
  • Early Literacy and Learning

Unit 2: Language Acquisition and Language Learning

  • First and Second Language Acquisition
  • Applying Theory and Principle to the Language Classroom
  • Language Transfer and Use of L1

Unit 3: Teaching Skills and Techniques for Teachers of YLs and VYLs

  • Key Skills for Teachers of Children and Teenagers
  • Practical Techniques and Strategies
  • Evidence-Based Reflection and CPD

Unit 4: Classroom Management for YLs and VYLs

  • Establishing Relationships and Developing Rapport
  • Creating and Implementing Rules and Routines
  • Behaviour Management Strategies

Unit 5: Lesson Planning for YLs and VYLs

  • Lesson Structure, Aims and Objectives
  • Exploiting Routines and Keeping Learners Engaged
  • Selecting Suitable Lesson Activities

Unit 6: Presenting and Practising Language

  • Grammar, Lexis and Phonology
  • Receptive Skills
  • Productive Skills

Unit 7: Assessment and Feedback

  • Types of Assessment
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Differentiation

Unit 8: Selecting and Exploiting Materials

  • Comparing and Contrasting Materials
  • Analysis of Resources
  • Evaluation and Reflection of Existing Materials

Unit 9: Adapting and Creating Materials

  • Resource Management
  • Materials Development
  • Evaluation and Reflection of Adapted or Original Materials

Unit 10: Assignment Tasks

  • Task 1
  • Tasks 2 and 3
  • Task 4

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