Health Care in Spain

Your GP

EU citizens are entitled to free health care in Spain. In order to register with a GP, however, you will need to go to your local health centre with the following documentation:

  • NIE (your Spanish ID number)
  • Social Security number
  • ID with photo (e.g. passport)
Health Care in Spain

You will be asked to complete a form and provide copies of the above documents. You will then be issued with a social security card. You will need this card if you phone the health centre to make an appointment, and for any visits to your GP.

Health Care in Spain

Chemists are easy to spot because of their distinctive green neon sign in the shape of a cross (flashing when open). Farmacias (as they are called in Spanish) sell medical items for which you often don’t need a doctor’s description. Chemists ‘take turns’ to stay open late / 24 hours. A list of the chemists open late / 24 hours for any specific date can be found displayed at your nearest chemist’s.

Medical Emergencies

Call 061 or 112 for an ambulance. The main public hospitals can often be some distance away.

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