Driving in Spain

Here we hope to address the most frequent questions asked by motorists.

  • How old do you have to be to drive in Spain?

The minimum age to drive in Spain is 18. If you are below this age and hold a driving licence you cannot drive in Spain.

  • Can I drive in Spain with my current driving licence?

If your driving licence has been issued by a member country of the European Union, you can drive in Spain using your current driving licence for up to six months after you have entered the country. After that time you should exchange your licence for a Spanish licence.

  • Which side of the road do you drive on in Spain?

You drive on the right in Spain.

  • What are the consequences of driving and parking offences?

There is a points system in which points are taken away from a total of twelve (for experienced drivers) for any infraction of the law. There are also substantial fines and prison terms for serious infractions.

  • What’s the road network like?

In such a vast country, transport infrastructure is important. While the quality of the road network varies from one region to another, the standard of roads is generally above average for continental Europe.

  • Is parking a problem?

Because of the high population density in urban areas, parking can be a real challenge in almost every city and large town.

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