With two billion people expected to be using or learning English by 2020, the need for teachers with high quality, internationally recognised English language teaching qualifications has never been greater. As the Trinity TESOL Certificate equips trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to take up posts as EFL teachers, and this certificate is an internationally-recognised TEFL qualification, our graduates often have their choice of EFL jobs.

However, we don’t leave it to chance and we offer Spainwise graduates FOUR ways to help secure the job of their dreams!

With over a decade of experience helping teachers find the right job and the right location for them, the Spainwise Careers Service is unrivalled in our sector. If you have a specific location in mind (Madrid, Barcelona, Andalucía, …) or a specific type of location (a small village, a medium-sized town , a large city …) the Spainwise Directory of English Language Schools is a good place to start your job search. All the listed schools are members of FECEI, the National Federation of Private language schools in Spain.

Since 2009, the Spainwise Jobs Board has been the must-see website for any teacher planning to teach English in Spain. Hundreds and hundreds of jobs at top schools throughout the country are advertised every year on the jobs board. Spainwise graduates are given privileged access to the information about these teaching opportunities which are advertised throughout the year.

The annual TEFL Job Fairs organised by Spainwise since 2009 have become a showcase for the language-teaching sector in Spain. Top schools take part in the fairs in Cordoba (in the south) and Bilbao (in the north), which provide a unique opportunity for both job-seekers and employers to meet face-to-face. Although entry to the fairs is free for teachers, Spainwise graduates get VIP passes to these fairs.

By signing up to hear from Spainwise, you can receive up-to-date information about TEFL Job Fairs, job opportunities, teacher-training options, and any other information which might help with your TEFL career.