There are four steps in the enrolment process: enquiry/application, pre-interview task, pre-course interview and pre-course assignment.

Step 1: Enquiry / Application

If you would like to apply to do the Trinity Cert TESOL with Spainwise Teacher Training & Recruitment, complete the online enquiry form with your contact details and we’ll send you a private URL for our complete application form.

Step 2: Pre-Interview Task

You will be asked to choose one of three topics related to language-learning or language-teaching and to write one 250-word essay on your chosen topic. You will also have to answer 10 questions related to English.

Step 3: Pre-Course Interview

The pre-course interview is an opportunity for Spainwise to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for the course, that you have the aptitude to become a successful teacher and that you are likely to complete the course successfully.

Step 4: Pre-Course Assignment

In the pre-course assignment you will be introduced to many of the issues of interest and concern to teachers, such as methodologies, classroom management, exams taken by students of English, etc. but there is a special focus on language awareness skills (grammar, lexis and phonology).