The Pre-Course Assignment is the 4th step in the enrolment process.

Trinity CertTESOL – Spainwise Pre-Course Assignment

In the pre-course assignment you will be introduced to many of the issues of interest and concern to teachers, such as methodologies, classroom management, exams taken by students of English, etc. but there is a special focus on language awareness skills (grammar, lexis and phonology).

Many new teachers associate language awareness with grammar and often feel that their own grammatical knowledge is not up to par. While grammar is an important element of language awareness, it is not the only one. When we need to analyse language with our students, we should also be looking at function, vocabulary and pronunciation. Improving your language awareness will enhance your teaching and increase your confidence and effectiveness when explaining new or problematic language issues in the classroom.

It is true that discussing language issues with colleagues can be a great way to decide how to teach an item (another teacher may have had the same difficulty in the past and can suggest resources and methods) and, throughout the course, you will work closely with your fellow trainees to find answers and resolve problems. However, for the pre-course assignment (and throughout your teaching career), you will need to take time out to study or review a certain language item. The more knowledgeable you are, the better the quality of the learning experience you can offer your students and, indeed, the more rewarding you will find teaching.

There are 20 tasks in the pre-course assignment. You will need approximately one hour to complete each task. Spainwise recommends the following reading/reference material for many of these tasks:

TitleTrinity CertTESOL CompanionEnglish Grammar in Use: A Self-study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Learners of EnglishEnglish Vocabulary in Use – Pre-Intermediate & IntermediateEnglish Pronunciation in Use – Self-study and Classroom Use (Intermediate)
Author/EditorJason AndersonRaymond MurphyStuart RedmanMark Hancock
PublisherDELTA PublishingCambridge University PressCambridge University PressCambridge University Press